Helium comes with multiple views that presents data in specific ways.

Please note that tools/actions are often accessed via the context menu (right-click) and the available functions differs per view.

The main views which are available via the navigation pane/menus are:

  • Music Explorer
    This view presents data in a tree based on different view nodes. By expanding a specfic node you will drill-down further into the tree to filter the data more and more. You can choose which root nodes to show and also customize which child nodes they should contain (for the most of the nodes). Customizing nodes requires a Premium license.
    When a specific node is selected, the resulting tracks will be shown to the right of the tree. This track list can be further filtered and you can also choose to display the tracks as releases (albums)
  • Releases
    This view shows all your releases. The releases can be shown as thumbnails, cards, as a carousel or in a split view with a list of releases and a detail page to the right of the selected release.
    Above the presented releases you can access a filter panel which allows you to quickly filter the visible result. Double click a release to open its detail page.
  • Artists
    The artists view is similar to the releases view with the differance that it shows all artists in your collection instead of releases. Just as in the releases view you can choose to display the artists as thumbnails, cards or a split view with details of the selected artist. Double click an artist to open its detail page.
  • Labels (available in Premium only)
    The labels view will display all your labels (based on a release) for your collection. You can choose to display labels as thumbnails or cards. Double click a label to show its detail page.
  • My Computer
    This view will allow you to select a specific folder to scan recursively for music files and work with them without the need to adding them to your actual collection. This can be a good view to do preparing work such as completing and correcting tags on files before you add them to your collection.
  • Tracks
    This view will allow you to quickly browse through all your tracks in the collections. To narrow down the number of tracks displayed, use the filter above the track list.
  • Playlists
    The Playlists view are the view where you will manage your playlists and smart playlists. You can toggle if you would like to work with standard playlists or Smart playlists from the top bar in the left pane. The right pane will display a track list where the tracks from the selected playlist/Smart playlist are displayed. 
  • Genres (available in Premium only)
    This view will display a list to the left with all unique genres in your collection. Optionally a top-level can be shown with Genre styles. A Genre style is a group of one or more genres for example Rock which can contain the genres Hard rock and Metal. When a genre style or genre is selected, Artists, albums and tracks from this genre will be displayed to the right. Use the top menu to toggle between the different results. Double click an artist or an album to open its detail page.
  • Years (available in Premium only)
    This view will display all unique release years from your collection in a list to the left. When you select a specific year albums and tracks from this year will be displayed to the right. Toggle between albums or tracks using the top menu. Double click an album to open its detail page.
  • Statistics (available in Premium only)
    This view will display statistics in varous ways about your collection.
  • Search results
    When you have performed a search your results will be shown in this view. Depending on which results that were found artists, albums and tracks will be listed. Double click an artist or an album to open its detail page.

When you have visited a specific view, Helium will keep track of which views you have visited in a navigation stack. Use the back/next buttons to quickly navigate back or forward your history.