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Synchronize releases with smartphone

What I would like to do:

  • Synchronize releases (tracks) with my smartphone.

What would be needed:

  • On PC: at least Helium 12, maybe Helium Streamer 3
  • On Android: Helium Streamer app, a new Helium Sync app or a new Helium Player app

How would this be possible (a quick'n'dirty draft):

  • In Helium 12:We need some options, like "Convert synced files to format xyz", "Use replay gain" ("Cache path")
  • A new function "Sync to device" / "Remove from device", which will mark releases (maybe also tracks?) to be synced / removed
    --> The files should be converted in the background into the cache
    ?? Or would it be better to convert files on the fly during synchronization ??
  • Synced releases could be marked by a small overlay icon (yellow -> marked to sync, green -> synced to device, red -> marked to remove from device)

In database:

  • A new table is needed: tblsynctrack_x_user:
    SynctrackXUserPK | User_ID | Detail_ID | Status
    Status: 1 -> marked to sync, 2 -> ready to sync (the file has been converted), 3 -> synced (the file is on the device), 4 -> marked to remove from device

In the app:

  • When the app connects, it asks for old tracks to remove and new tracks to sync.

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