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Multiple albumartists

Now I ran into another release with multiple albumartists - it's really time to get this implemented... ;-)

I'm pretty sure I have some more...

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This is indeed a very interesting feature which has been discussed previously.

The biggest challanges with implementing this feature is:

1) Create smart loging during adding and updating of albums so that they map to the exact artists

2) Being able to visualize an album for more than one artist (applies to views, searches etc)

3) Performance. Introducing a new mapping between an album and the artist table will slow things down. This is the most important point, to analyse exactly how much the performance will be affected.

As you can see from above, it is not a small fix, it will have impact on the most of Heliums functions, still worth to analyse though.

Well, I never said it's an easy to implement feature - especially because it needs some big database changes. But I know it's one of the most requested ones. ;-)

1) This should be the same as for tracks, shouldn't it?!
2) Views: There's not much to change here, only to replace the single artist by (possible) multiple artists
2) Search: Well, I'd say store the complete album artist in the table and search in those.
3) Performance might be an issue, but I don't think it hits too hard.


Performance will be affected since at least two additional joins will be needed, but as mentioned before, it will need to be benchmarked more in detail to see the actula impact.

I agree this request.

Hitting yet again on such a release and still hoping to see this feature any time soon(er or later)...

This will be re-reviewed when SQL Server Compact is fully removed and compared to other waiting things in our backlog (usability/request rate vs time to market).

But indeed it would be a nice thing to have, but it will break things a lot, thus it is a bit expensive to implement.

Yes, I know it's a big change - but I think it's a must-have... ;-)

Just my 2 cents worth.

If an album has "guest" artists performing with the main artists, I just add them to the comment field.

If the other artist(s) are performing on every single track then,  I make the "album artist"  (Artist1 + Artist2)

But TBH  I think  there should be another ID3 field entirely named "Additional Performer(s)"

My example would be 

The ZZ top Tribute album.

The Album artist would be ZZ Top

Each Track Artist would be the performer of that track

and Ideally the "Additional Performer" field would be like  Aphex Twin doing some of the mixing

anyway  ... just y thoughts

First of all, I handle tribute albums exactly as you do.

Also if an album has "guest artists" that appear on some tracks, the album artist remains the main artist.

But when an album has been released by two or more artists that perform on all tracks, then who is a guest? - IMHO none is...

This is quite complex and I think there's no general rule of how to handle it, it's up to the user.

But, I can agree to Sven's suggestion that there's a need for multiple album artists.

Take this album for example:

With Helium today you can:

-Set album artist to "Talla 2xlc vs. Simon Patterson" (will not list the album under appearances per artist)

-Tag CD 1 with album artist = Talla 2xlc and CD 2 with Simon Patterson. The album artist for the album will in this case be "Various" and will therefore not be listed under letter T (Talla 2xlc..)

By adding support for multiple album artists, the full album artist string generated would be "Talla 2xlc vs. Simon Patterson" and CD 1 would be listed under appearances for "Talla 2xlc" and CD 2 under "Simon Patterson".

I have still not analysed the (negative) performance impact it will have though, but it will most likely be a bit slower.

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