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Showing and Editing Wrong Tracks (Make in Untrustable)

my Ver is 12.3
Sometimes I see Software show wrong Data for some music
for Example
an Album have 2 Song, A and B
I Tag these two with A and B
But after a while, when I come back and play A, i hear B and B for A
Wrong Data, it make software unreliable and untranslatable
I go back to Ver.11 until next update

my Windows is 7



This is nothing we are aware of nor have been able to reproduce during our test phases.

We would like to know more about this possible issue so that we can correct it, can you please let us know which:

1) File formats this relates to

2) Database type you are using (if you have changed)

3) Any possible other reproduction information that can help

If you would not to share any details officially, please open a support ticket from:

Also, please note that Helium 11 is no longer supported and can have issues on Win10.

>>my Windows is 7

Please still not that Helium 11 is no longer supported and any possible issues with it cannot be corrected.

If possible, please let us know more about this issue so it can be solved in Helium 12.

Thanks in advance.

We just did a test of this scenario the following way:

1) Tagged an album with two files as described, title for the first track was set to A and for the second to B

2) Played the album, both files were shown with proper meta data during the playback

3) Restarted Helium and performed step 2 again, no issues were located

The test was performed with both MP3 and FLAC files as separated test sessions.

Please let us know which steps you performed when this happens.

that's not an issue that happen all the time, but once is all there is need to make software unreliable
1-Format is MP3
2-i'm not sure what you mean by DB, but i use ID3V1 and ID3V2
and i added and tagged this tracks to helium 12.0
and then updated it to 12.3
this problem is not the first time that happened, i have experimented in V12.0 too
I'm not so good on these things to help you that much
but this may be because Helium 12 is designed for Win10 and not 7
or maybe there is some issue with Runtime i installed and what is starndard for you
I only can make you more clear the situation
I uploaded 2 photo for you
white one is from V11 and black V12
you can see that the filenames and tags are not matched
right few minute ago, i saw two album that was in same folder and the info for this two album were reverse of each other, info for Album A for B and reverse
I just opened 20 Album in helium 11 and half of those have switched info for all tags like artist composer conductor and so on
MP3Tag confirm helium 11
right now, i can't trust helium 12 anymore


(70.6 KB)
(116 KB)
as you can see, it seems i have many problems with H12.3
are these problems because of using Win7 or a wrong version of .NET
mean the problem is not from H12.3, but some other place
I'll be happy to send you Video if it needed

I think as answered in your other report that something in your database is not fully correct.

It looks broken according to the screenshots.

We would need to take a look at your database and possibly also some log files.

Please contact our support at for more information.

ok then

i make a support ticket and do my best to give you the info you need to find the problem

Thanks we will continue the discussion from there, since the issue is not reproducable with a clean setup.

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