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adding a root path uncheks the previous old checked root path


there is a little bug in the update dialog windows :

check all you root pathes, then add a new one, when the list of roots is refreshed, there are not checkek anymore.

The add operation erases you checked-ones, so i have to rechecked them now...

As i have a lot of root pathes, it is a critic loss of time...

i guess it is easy to fix it.

have a good day

@Michael REMY:

Please add your feature request about tracking update date into a feature request since this reported is closed thus marked as resolved.


sorry i will reply again.
in fact, the main problem is that the UPDATE process is always longer than the ADD process (i noticed that in hellium 2009,11, & 12 too) when you got a huge library.

so i have to imagine another way to update my library (which is in constant evolution and name-fixing)

1: delete my entire database and re-add all in a new one : it works faster than any update process

2 : divided my library into small path (then roots path) and update the one i decided

But now i have a lot of root and select each root, update, waiting, come back, select another root, update again ..... is very boring.
Worst event, is that i have so many root, that i can't remember the date i update them !

So in a last wish of improvement, it will be super if you could ADD a date for each path root which informs the user  of the last update he did  AND (please) remember the last lenght of the update process.
because when i start an update, i don't know when it will take 1h or 4h!

Then (in a dream), each root path item will be placed into a Array/Tab where we can order the list of roots path and sort them by column like date process, drive, music qty,.....


This has been improved for the next hotfix, thanks for the improvement suggestion.

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