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Ipod support?

 One thing I have notice missing that was available from previous versions (or cannot find it in the version), is the ability to transfer files to a mobile device (Ipod in my case), are there any plans for implementation in the future?, or should I use an alternate media player for that function (I hate using multiple media solutions as they all want to mess with the tags, i.e. Mediaplayer, iTunes, even MediaMonkey)

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@Michael Ebner:

With no cd found, do you mean that the specific CD you are trying to rip was not found or that no devices are found?

Cd ripping is one of the few parts where Helium 12 and Helium 11 is sharing the same techniques (BASS library) so it should work equivalent between the versions.

If you have any additional details how we can test this, please let us know and we will analyse it further.

Please report it as either a support ticket (prefered) or in a new thread, since this thread's topic is about iPod support.

Cd Ripper doesn't work too (no cd found)

many oher features from previus Versions are not adopted, i can't understand why

sorry i will wait for and switched back to Helium 11

It seems like iTunes is unable to import playlists with relative paths.

You can solve this with the current Helium 12 version by exporting the M3U playlist to another drive than the files are located at to force non-relative paths.

Alternatively, you can export the tracks via a script which allows you to select if the paths shall be relative or not.

The next version of Helium 12.3 will allow you to select if paths shall be relative or not (off by default)

The file isn't emtpy. i can see it in the Texteditor, but after Import in iTunes > "no objects"  

Thanks i don't want spend any time for testing beta.

@Michael Ebner: Thanks for the additional details. 

The issue with the missing extension is solved in our upcoming (beta) version.

What we could not reproduce was that the file did not contained any contents.

We opened the generated file with a text editor and all information about the exported files were included.

If you are interested in testing our beta version with the extension fix (the beta can be installed paralell to the official version), please contact us at

Format "m3u".

A neu file without any attation is created. (only Playlistname)

i renamed the file by Hand like "Test.m3u", but after Import in iTunes > no titels.

i found an old m3u Export file that works by Import in iTunes normal.

@Michael Ebner: Can you please describe "does'nt work" a bit more? 

We made some tests and playlists were properly exported.

Which format did you exported to and what was the result (=no data generated, incorrect data generate etc.)?

Please let us know about more details so that we can assist you further.

Playlist Export from Helium 12 does'nt work. No readable file will exported.

To export more Playlist by select with Checkbox like in Helium 11 is missung too ! 


>>Does it mean in a first step i have to synchronise my music bibliothek with iTunes.

>>Than Export playlists from Helium > Import in iTunes. 

>>And than i can synchronise my ipod with iTunes ?

In short, yes, that's how it was implemented before. 

Since it is not completed in Helium 12 yeat we are reviewing which possibilities that are available, unfortunately we are (very) limited due to Apples rules.

Sorry i don't understand how to use "iTunes as a Proxy".

Does it mean in a first step i have to synchronise my music bibliothek with iTunes.

Than Export playlists from Helium > Import in iTunes. 

And than i can synchronise my ipod with iTunes ?

@Michael Ebner:

This is mentioned in the release notes for Helium 12:

>>do you mean an Workaround with Itunes to synchronice an ipod.

Yes, since Apple does not allow 3rd party developers to integrate with their devices (starting with iOS 4 devices which required jailbreaking fo interaction) you must use iTunes as a proxy.

This was how it was implemented in Helium 10/11, even if old iPod devices could be synchronized.

We cannot use that code anymore since it is not legal, but as mentioned earlier we are working with a folder based synchronization tool which hopefully will solve this.

I was very surprised that a can't synchronice my ipod in Helium 12 ! There is no Information about this not supportet Feature after Update !

"As introduced in Helium 11, it is allowed to do this via iTunes, which still can be a quite transparent Integration"

Can you explain .... a quite transparent Integration ....   do you mean an Workaround with Itunes

to synchronice an ipod.

I want to synchronise my Ipod with Helium 12 like in Helium 11 as soon as possible !!!


I second this request... used the ability to export files in a playlist to my android or to a CD frequently and I'm missing the feature!

I Never used a synchronize function on my device (library was always too large, and many songs I deem as "album filler" tracks, so I didn't want them on a device where space is limited), I did however use the "Send to" function, or create a playlist then send it to the device and it would automatically re-encode to the devices acceptable format (apple doesn't like flac)

We have plans to reintroduce a tool similar to the old "Device synchronizer" in Helium 11, but it's main focus will be on keeping directories on a specific location up to date.

Since Apple made it impossible to use a native integration with i* devices, we have no plans to have direct access to i* devices, since it is not allowed by them (Apple).

As introduced in Helium 11, it is allowed to do this via iTunes, which still can be a quite transparent integration.

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