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Split center pane

I'd like to see a split center pane option that could display selected albums on the top half. A single click on an album would then display the tracks beneath. With the playlist docked on the right this would make it a lot faster to navigate since you wouldn't have to keep going into and back out of the album track list view. Helium 11 had something similar and it was very efficient.

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This is an interesting but large feature. Marked deferred for further reviewing.

I upvote this, Helium 11 had this in the right side pane (Summary). I would prefer having it selectable which pane you want it in, as I like to see it on the right. 

Having to double click every single album to see the tracklist saves a lot of DB query time, but from an UX point of view it's making it harder to navigate imho.

Here's a very early preview of this feature (far from completed):


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