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Multiple pictures in tags

After tagging the front cover in advanced tag editior it seems that the pictures are doubled.

(123 KB)

Great to hear that the fix worked Martin.

FYI: We have changed the name of the setting to "Save album artist with full external compatibility" to make it more clear what it does.

Also great to hear that the general usage flow now works, thanks for all testing assistance!

This solution seems to be good and it is workable (as far as I could check it in one evening).
So I guess it can stay as it is now. Thanks for finding a solution here!

One important thing for you. Another test I did with my complete database. Now this is the first time since I am using Helium (more than 10 years now) that I could work with a full database and no errors occured, no interruptions, nothing. (sometimes a little slow when clicking throught the program or on searching). But this program is fully useable with full database now! Now this is it! Great!


Ok, here's a new build with changed logic:

A new option (set to true by default) is now available "Save in compatible ID3v2" mode.

When this option is set, the following will happen:

Read operations:

When reading album artist, TPE2 will be prioritized, if not set, TXXX will be used


When set, the Band/Orchestra field will be disabled.

Album artist is enabled. (Applies to the Tag editor and the Advanced tag editor)


When set, only the TPE2 field will be written with the contents from the album artist field to mimic the behavior of MP3Tag.

If any AlbumArtist TXXX tags exists, they will be removed to avoid duplicated data.

I have tested this with MP3Tag where it works correct as well as in Foobar where it also works correct.

I avoided to test it with Tag & Rename since Windows Defender flagged their installer as untrusted ;)

When this setting is not active, it will work as before, allowing the end-user to use both Band/orchestra and Album artist.

So, please test this now logic, I hope it will work for you.

I will try to find out the best way to do a setting "Save in compatible ID3v2 mode" which will disable band/orchestra (term not used in other applications), but save album artist for this field and not duplicate it to a TXXX field, if set.

Please avoid use build 14320 for testing since I will change the logic.

The funny thing is MP3Tag is telling the same: they are using the standards. So --- who is right?
Of course we must not fully support MP3tag if TPE2 is not the standard as I am using Helium and only for fast pre-tagging (before added to Helium) and fast checking. Tag & Rename for example also finds Udo Lindenberg und das Panikorchester too and not Udo Lindenberg und TEST in this field.
Of course artist\\artist was really not good as helium put this as "0 file artist" to the database sometimes.

So, maybe it's possible to have an option:
TPE2 + TXXX = Save for both one value TPE2
TPE2 + TXXX = Save for both one value TXXX

Because it feels strange to have two different values for "album artist" and depending on the program which is used to have different results. 
Ok, Take your time. An option to support MP3Tag fully (which obviously not following the standards) is a setting which simply handles album artist only as TPE2 and discards TXXX in both Read/write operations. That will most likely solve the merging MP3Tag has invented (see my screenshot above) iTunes is nothing we support, that was only done in earlier versions. A setting like this will not be default since it breaks support and compatibility. I need to do some tests against other applications before I can guarantee that it will be implemented. I'll update this thread with the progress.
Hi Mikael,

I didn't have time today, so I will test 14320 by tomorrow.
Another possibility would be to drop TXXX and use TPE2 as it is foreseen.Helium cares about that other programs have an odd handling? It should be the problem of the other programs, shouldn't it?
And who in the world really needs ITunes???
But anyway I'll keep on testing this by tomorrow. Since yesterday I am doing a scan of all tracks to the database, so I can't interrupt the process.Adding takes hours but helium (released version, not beta) is running stable for the first time with maximum tracks. And hopefully it will be still fully useable/workable when finished adding.

Thanks for the detailed description Martin.

I have identified the problem and it is related to the new setting "Save Album Artist in TXXX" and it will occur when this setting is disabled.

In your screenshot, 156.png, you can see that you have a different value in Band orchestra and Album artist.

If these values are saved differently, one in TPE2 and one as Album Artist as a TXXX, MP3Tag  will say that album artist is:

"Udo Lindenberg und das Panikorchester\\Udo Lindenberg und TEST" (I have tried to force this to happen).

IMO: This is not correctly handled by MP3 tag because these fields have different meanings and contains different data.

In Helium 11, this was handled in another way by disabling the Band Orchestra field if "Save iTunes tag" was selected.

This resulted in that the content in the Album Artist field was copied to TPE2 so that MP3Tag will still show "Udo Lindenberg Und Test\\Udo Lindenberg Und Test" in Album artist.

In my opinion the expected result for your example in 156.png should be:

1) TPE2 saved with content "Udo Lindenberg und das Panikorchester"

2) TXXX (AlbumArtist) saved with content "Udo Lindenberg TEST"

This should be applied no matter is "Save Album Artist as TXXX" is selected or not, since they contents of the fields are different and should therefore be saved wth unique contents.

Helium should in this case set the Album artist for the album to "Udo Lindenberg TEST", since that what you have explicitly defined.

If the values would have been the same and Save Album Artist as TXXX, only TPE2 would be saved and used for Album artist.

MP3Tag is doing wrong here, since it treats TPE2 as Album artist despite it is defined like:

" TPE2

   The 'Band/Orchestra/Accompaniment' frame is used for additional
   information about the performers in the recording.

in the official specification (

Instead MP3Tag does this:

I have created a new build for you which contains the above logic in Helium 12:

Unfortunately it will result in double album artists tags in MP3Tag, but that's really a case for them to fix, since it is not working correctly according to the ID3v2 specification.

I hope this clearifies the case a bit more, I cannot do much more in Helium from here.

Something is strange: the track of album was named in main release differently as in tag editor (in my screenshot!)

OK, I do another one:
1.) new database
2.) Adding one album
3.) tagging TEST special.
Artist = Udo Lindenberg TEST
Albumartist = Udo Lindenberg und TEST
Album = Feuerland TEST
Release = Album
5.) Picture tagging = Udo Front TEST
6.) tagging all files!
7.) Results:
Artist: Correct
Album artist: NOT TAGGED
Album: Correct
Release: Correct
Tagged picture: Correct:
In this case: album artist has not been tagged.
Re-checked in MP3tag: same result. all looks fine but album artist is not tagged.


(211 KB)
(341 KB)
(113 KB)
(246 KB)
(72.8 KB)

Hi Martin,

I tried to reproduce this the following way:

1) Added your original file with doubled pictures, Seeed - 05 - Dickes B _28feat. Black Kappa_29.mp3, to a new database

2) Opened it in the Advanced Tag Editor > Album artist = Seed, Album = New Dubby Conquerors [Mp3]

3) Changed album to "New Dubby Conquerors"

4) Removed the pictures and added the correct one, the same way as in your earlier screenshots

5) Saved the changed

I then opened the file from Properties:

Album is correctly updated to "New Dubby Conquerors".(TALB)

Open the file with the Advanced Tag Editor shows also the updated album as well as in the Releases view.

Maybe I need to test this with some other file which contains album artist set to "Seeed seeed" , so that we use the same files for testing?

 Hi Mikael,

doubled pictures seems to be solved. But related to doubled pictures it seems that tagging is still somewhat strange. When tagging because of doubled pictures Helium only the first track at album from New Dubby Conquerors [MP3] to New Dubby Conquerors. (I think I told Helium to rename it all).

Any the album to shown as New Dubby Conquerors [MP3] while the first track under New Dubby Conquerors but in tags it says New Dubby Conquerors [MP3]. (MP3tag displays it correctly)

Additional I can't get away Seeed Seeed in album artist too. MP3tag shows Seeed = onetime correctly!

Through tagging with each track it says Seeed on each entry but after tagging it is still Seeed Seeed.

Somehow the tagging process is not updating the files correctly.

Hi Martin,

This issue should hopefully be solved now.

I could reproduce the case as described with the Seeed - 05 - Dickes B _28feat. Black Kappa_29.mp3 and I now got it to work.

Please test with this build:

If any issue remains, please let me know.

Thanks Martin, problem possibly identified. We will continue to work with this one and keep you updated about the progress.





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