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SSL Implementation?

Hello There,

im currently testing the Streamer. Awesome to see that ipv6 seems to work fine.

but im just wondering if there is any SSL implementation like in v11? for streamer or helium or both would be awesome


Did you enable SSL support in the previous version of Helium Streamer (version 2) yourself?

We haven't tested this ourselves in Helium Streamer 3 but it should be possible to do if you host the application in IIS. This isn't currently documented so we would need to get back when we have done more thorough testing regarding this.

Hi Fredrik,

i was using hmm11.5 with ultidev on win for ssl. i think i didnt use streamer2 as it was not working in my ip enviroment. I didn't found SSL for hmm12 too so im wondering if thats possible to use in general.

I think you may be mixing things up. Ultidev was the web server which hosted Helium Streamer 2.

Helium Music Manager 11.5 had its own self-hosted web service which probably could not have worked with SSL (we have never provided this support ourselves).

If you had SSL working you most likely installed it yourself in Ultidev (, which supports it.


yeah thanks for clearing this up!

Yes i used Helium Streamer with Ultidev. I installed that ultidev web server pro and setup SSL cert for streamer, which was working really fine for me. As this setup is long ago, i didnt realize this setup was not tested from you. i will do some tests, maybe i get it running with streamer3 and ultidev or IIS 

Maybe just not to confuse others, lets head back to my initial question for SSL support in any application from you which is facing the internet. is there anything on the roadmap?

thank you so far :)


We will look into supporting SSL certificates in an upcoming release.

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