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storing settings in view

in artist view, there are 3 options for view: thumbnails, cards and split. if I set cards, after restart it goes back to thumbnails. (also in releases, artists and labels). is possible change setting from per session to storing setting?

which Folder?

user/appdata/roaming/Imploded Software/Helium 12


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Great to hear, thanks for the confirmation Igor.

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hmm i tested it now and not working

Can you please be a bit more specific of what's not working?

During our tests it was remembered between sessions.

settings in artist view works as before: i set it to cards, but after restart it is back to thumbnails. so for me remembering not working

Are you sure that you downloaded and installed build 14259?

I tested this:

1) Selected Artists view

2) Selected card view

3) Restarted Helium 12 

Helium 12 started with the Artist view active and card view selected.

yes, definitely 14259 instaled. and i close app with artist view and after restart it started with releases view

Can you please try to delete helium.json to see if it helps?

This is weird but I managed to reproduce it as shown in Igors video.

He closed it via the File > Exit menu, I closed the application from the top-right X.

When closed via the menu some call to save settings seems not to be invoked which will result in that settings are not stored.

>>>He closed it via the File > Exit menu

yes.. i see same Trouble here after Close over Menu


I try it later, give feedback here

Please retry with build 14260 which contains some minor fixes

same in 14260, not working. im trying to find helium.json but in helium12 folder i cannot find file with that name

so remove helium.json is not right medicine, settings is not stored (and thanx EWeiss for help)

I have tried to reproduce this on two different Win10 machines, but with no luck. The view is properly restored and the last view-mode button is restored. Can you share some screenshots of how it looks: 1) Before you close 2) After restart Thanks
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