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Need for an InputDialog

It would be a very nice feature to have an input-dialog!

string InputDialog(string title)

Good to hear that it works :) Regarding the bracket problem; please open a bug report about that and be sure to include information about: -if it works with English keyboard -what key combination I need to press to create a bracket with a German keyboard setup Thanks
Tested and works perfect! The exception output with no stucking dialog and the InputDialog as well.
Thanks, it's fun scripting neon.

Related to the { - brackets problem in tag edior = The use of these brackets in InputDialog is no problem!


InputDialog implemented in build 496.

Regaring the exception, can you email me the script that generates this crash so that I can test this further?

Implemented for the next build.

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Sorry, yes!

BTW: the small things I tested worked fine. But a broken script breaks the Neon, I have to kill the process. The "Helium Error" dialog appears after a bad script and after this, the "Executing scripts" dialog cannot be closed. (And I think in scripting environment, there must'nt be an send error Dialog to helium!?)


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